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2021 Speakers, Moderators, and Keynotes

Eric Kanter - Morgan Stanley Capital Partners

Eric Kanter

Partner at Morgan Stanley Capital Partners
Michael Palm - Evercore

Michael Palm

Senior Managing Director at Evercore
Amanda Davis Winters - L.E.K. Consulting

Amanda Davis Winters

Managing Director at L.E.K. Consulting
Sergio Perelman - Mondelez

Sergio Perelman

Director Global Packaging Sustainability at Mondelez
Karin von Kienlin - L.E.K. Consulting

Karin von Kienlin

Partner at L.E.K. Consulting
Thilo Henkes - L.E.K. Consulting

Thilo Henkes

Managing Director at L.E.K. Consulting
Adam Page - Smithers

Adam Page

Global Director of Research and Reports at Smithers
Phil Bourgeois - Tekni-Plex

Phil Bourgeois

Senior Vice President of Global Technology at Tekni-Plex
Lynn Dyer - Pactiv

Lynn Dyer

Head of Sustainability at Pactiv
Colin Gordon  - Smithers

Colin Gordon

Associate Consultant at Smithers
Carl Joachim - ePac Flexible Packaging

Carl Joachim

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at ePac Flexible Packaging
Sara Axelrod - Ball Corporation

Sara Axelrod

Director of Sustainability at Ball Corporation
Raphael Stermann - GSK Consumer Health

Raphael Stermann

Sustainability Manager at GSK Consumer Health
Mike Denvir - The Jordan Company

Mike Denvir

Partner at The Jordan Company
Jeff Yorzyk PE, CEM, SEP - HelloFresh

Jeff Yorzyk PE, CEM, SEP

Director of Sustainability at HelloFresh
Brian Hankin - Altium Packaging

Brian Hankin

SVP, Strategy, Innovation and Business Development at Altium Packaging
Colin Convey - Goldman Sachs

Colin Convey

Managing Director at Goldman Sachs
Tamsin Ettefagh - Purecycle Technologies

Tamsin Ettefagh

Chief Sustainability Officer at Purecycle Technologies
Suj Mehta - Tekni-Plex

Suj Mehta

Senior Vice President at Tekni-Plex
Jeff Cloetingh - L.E.K. Consulting

Jeff Cloetingh

Managing Director at L.E.K. Consulting
Maite Quinn - ClosedLoop Partners

Maite Quinn

Managing Director at ClosedLoop Partners
Howard Manning - Rieke

Howard Manning

Vice President, Global Product Development & Launch at Rieke
Paolo Ferrari - Guala Closures

Paolo Ferrari

Director at Guala Closures
Jennifer McCracken - HAVI

Jennifer McCracken

Director, Sustainability, N.A. Packaging at HAVI